Saturday, January 25, 2014

P1-CCD4 - My Moral Inventory

Conquering Chemical Dependency
Step 4 – My Moral Inventory

“We make a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.”

Memory verse: Lamentations 3:40: “Let us examine and probe our ways, and let us return to the Lord.”

Lesson 1: Why Take a Moral Inventory?

Q1. What is the definition of “immoral”? Pg 72

Q2. What are the benefits of taking a searching moral inventory? Pg 73

Q3. List some of the problems that alcohol/drug dependency can cover up. Pg 74

Q4. What are some of the things you are struggling with? Pg 75

Lesson 2: Dishonesty and Resentment

Q5. What two concepts are essential to your recovery? Pg 75

Q6. List the deceptions you have practiced in your addiction. Pg 76-79

Q7. What is the definition of “true forgiveness?” Pg 79

Q8. What are three good reasons to forgive the wrongs done to you? Pg 80

Lesson 3: Self-Pity and False Pride

Q9. Write out Proverbs 29:23. Pg 81

Q10. List the common characteristics associated with self-pity. Pg 82

Q11. List some of the things you are thankful for. Pg 83

Q12. How does false pride/false humility interfere with your recovery? Pg 83-84

Q13. Describe how humility can be a sign of strength. Pg 86

Lesson 4: Criticism and Destructive Anger

Q14. What is your motivation for criticizing other people? Pg 87

Q15. What should criticism and destructive anger be replaced with? Pg 86

Q16. How does a critical attitude affect your relationships, including your relationship with God? Give an example from your own life. Pg 88

Lesson 5: Fear and Impatience

Q17. List your fears that cripple you. Pg 91

Q18. Describe the way the listed fears control you. Pg 92

Q19. Describe how trusting God can help you deal with these fears. Pg 93

Q20. In what ways are you impatient or impulsive? Pg 93

Lesson 6: Selfishness and Sex
Q21. In the parable on Pg 95 (left margin), why did God describe the rich man as a fool?

Q22. Why should we confine sexual activity to marriage? Pg 97

Q23. What actions are you making to achieve God’s goal for this area of your life? Pg 99


Q19. What are the major lessons you have learned as you progressed through this step? (half page)