Saturday, January 25, 2014

P1-MPP5 - Help for People Who Grew Up Too Soon

Making Peace With Your Past
Unit 5– Help For People Who Grew Up Too Soon

Memory verse: Romans 8:21 – “The glorious freedom of the children of God”

Affirmations to repeat: “I claim the joy of being God’s child.”

Day 1: How to Lose Your Childhood
Q1. List some of the ways you can “lose” your childhood. Pg 85

Q2. Were you a caretaker as a child? How did that affect you? Pg 85

Q3. List the types of abuse you were subjected to as a child.

Q4. What are the effects of this abuse today?

Day 2: What Children Need

Q5. List the basic needs that were NOT met in your childhood. Pg 89

Q6. List the feelings you experienced that were unacceptable in your family.

Q7. What are some of the things children need to be able to count on? Pg 91

Q8. Write a paragraph describing how your basic childhood needs were met or not met.

Day 3: Characteristics of an Adult Child

Q9. Write out 1 John 2:12

Q10. Write out the five affirmations for today

Q11. Be sure to answer all the questions in this chapter in your workbook.

Day 4: Healing the Pain of Childhood Losses

Q12. What are the four steps to experiencing inner healing? Pg 97

Q13. Which of the activities listed on page 98 appealed to you?

Q14. List some of the good memories from your childhood.

Day 5: Living as a Child of God

Q15. What does it mean to be a child of God? Pg 100

Q16. Describe the steps you take to become a child of God. Pg 101-102

Q17. What steps are you willing to take to become a joyful son of God?


Q18. What are the major lessons you have learned as you progressed through this unit? (half page)

Let go, let God.