Phase 2 - Identity

The Search For Significance

We often find in life that we seek approval from the people around us. The level of approval fluctuates from day to day, unlike God's acceptance of us which is always totally consistent. False beliefs influence our thinking which ultimately results in dysfunctional behaviors. Replacing false beliefs with truth from the Bible will help us reclaim the identity that God has given us.

Week 1 – The light comes on
Week 2 – The origin of the search
Week 3 – The performance trap
Week 4 – God’s answer: Justification
Week 5 – Approval addict
Week 6 – God’s answer: Reconciliation
Week 7 – The blame game
Week 8 – God’s answer: Propitiation
Week 9 – Shame
Week 10 – God’s answer: Regeneration
Week 11 – Agent of Change / Guilt versus conviction
Week 12 – The trip in

The workbook is "The Search For Significance" by Robert S. McGee. Workbooks may be purchased from McGeePublishing.

The Purpose-Driven Life

Many of us have wondered what life is all about. This eye-opening course based on Rick Warren's book "The Purpose-Driven Life", will open your eyes to the fact that God has not only a general task for you to share in as a Christian, but also a more specific mission for which He is preparing you daily.

Week 1 – It all starts with God
               You are not an accident
               What drives your life?
Week 2 – Made to last forever
               Seeing life from God’s view
               Life is a temporary assignment
               The reason for everything
Week 3 – Planned for God’s pleasure
               What makes God smile?
               The heart of worship
Week 4 – Becoming best friends with God
               Developing your friendship with God
orship that pleases God
               When God seems distant
Week 5 – Formed for God’s family
               What matters most
               A place to belong
Week 6 – Experiencing life together
               Cultivating community
               Restoring broken fellowship
               Protecting your church
Week 7 – Created to become like Christ
               How we grow
               Transformed by truth
Week 8 – Transformed by trouble
               Growing through temptation
               Defeating temptation
               It takes time
Week 9 – Accepting your assignment
               Shaped for serving God
               Understanding your shape
Week 10 – Using what God gave you
                 How real servants act
                 Thinking like a servant
                 God’s power in your weakness
Week 11 – Made for a mission
                 Sharing your life message
Week 12 – Becoming a world-class Christian
                 Balancing your life
                 Living with purpose

The workbook is "The Purpose Driven Life - What on Earth am I Here For?" by Rick Warren. Workbooks may be purchased from