Saturday, January 25, 2014

P1-CCD8 - Forgiveness and Amends

Conquering Chemical Dependency
Step 8 – Forgiveness and Amends

“We make a list of all persons who have hurt us and choose to forgive them. We also make a list of all persons we have harmed, and we become willing to make amends to them all.”

Memory verse: Luke 6:31 - “And just as you want people to treat you, treat them in the same way.”

Lesson 1: People to Forgive

Q1. Make a list of all persons you have harmed.

Q2. How would your life be different if you allowed God to take care of your grievances?

Q3. Allowing that your refusal to forgive is self-destructive, are you willing to forgive all those who have hurt you? Why?

Q4. Make a list of all the people you need to forgive… pray and ask the Lord to give you the strength and will to forgive them.

Lesson 2: Forgiving Others

Q5. On pg 161 there are 6 reasons why people don’t forgive. List the ones that apply to you.

Q6. On pg 162 there are 6 more reasons. Which ones have kept you from forgiving.

Q7. On pg 163 there are three problems stemming from lack of forgiveness. Describe the ones true in your life.

Q8. Describe the results of unforgiveness in your life.

Lesson 3: Taking the Step, Part 1

Q9. List 10 things for which you are glad God in Christ has forgiven you.

Q10. On pg 166 it shows an example of a “forgiveness guide”. Copy this on a separate sheet of paper and fill out some names of people you need to forgive.

Q11. Name at least one person you are struggling to forgive. Pray and ask the Lord for the grace to forgive them.

Lesson 4: Taking the Step, Part II

Q12. Answer the questions on pg 167. Write each one out.

Q13. What would the Lord ask you to do with the people on this list? Are you able to forgive each and every person on your list? Why or why not?


Q14. What are the major lessons you have learned as you progressed through this step? (half page)