Saturday, January 25, 2014

P1-MPP4 - Overcoming the Fear of Joy

Making Peace With Your Past
Unit 4 – Overcoming the Fear of Joy

Memory verse: Romans 8:15 – “You did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear”

Affirmations to repeat: “I release my fears to Jesus”

Day 1: Learning to Fear Joy, Part 1

Q1. Was your family of origin predictable, or unpredictable? If predictable, was the predictability good, bad or neutral? Explain. Page 68.

Q2. What do you remember waiting for as a child? Page 69.

Q3. Have you learned to be more comfortable with waiting than arriving? How is this affecting your life now? Page 69.

Day 2: Learning to Fear Joy, Part 2

Q4. Do you have ambivalent or conflicting feelings about yourself? Can you see ways this originated in childhood experiences? Write your comments. Page 70

Q5. Have you attempted to erase shame about your family of origin, through achievements? In what ways? Page 71

Q6. What do your masks look like? Why do you wear them? Page 71

Q7. Who were your family’s heroes?

Q8. What was your parents’ attitude toward authority figures? How did this affect the way you view people in authority?

Day 3: Examining Your View of God

Q9. Do you identify with any of the misconceptions of God described on pgs 74-75?

Q10. List these misconceptions.

Q11. Describe God’s nature and character based on the Scriptures on pg 75.

Q12. Who is your God? On whom are you depending? Pg 76

Day 4: Sabotaging Your Own Success

Q13. Which of the 10 statements on Pgs 78-79 describe how you think about success? Make a list of them and briefly explain why.

Q14. Which of the affirmations listed on Pgs 79-80 do you have trouble accepting?

Day 5: Moving Beyond the Fear of Joy

Q15. What are the steps to take when frightened by joy? Pg 81

Q16. How would you summarize in one sentence what all the verses on pg 82-83 say about fear.

Q17. Which verse is the hardest for you to believe and accept? Why?


Q18. What are the major lessons you have learned as you progressed through this unit? (half page)