Phase 1 - Foundation

Conquering Chemical Dependency

A 12-step program leading to an understanding of our addiction, discovering our need for God, examining ourselves, making a commitment to change, forgiving and being forgiven, reconciling relationships, and eventually being a help to others.

Week 1 – Admitting my powerlessness
Week 2 – Coming to believe
Week 3 – Turning it over
Week 4 – My moral inventory
Week 5 – Freedom through confession
Week 6 – Acting in faith
Week 7 – Ready for change
Week 8 – Forgiveness andamends
Week 9 – Making amends
Week 10 – Recognizing andresponding
Week 11 – A growing relationship
Week 12 – Assisting others

The workbook is "Conquering Chemical Dependency - A Christ-Centered 12-Step Process" by Robert S. McGee & Dale W. McCleskey. Workbooks may be purchased from McGee Publishing

Making Peace With Your Past

This class first of all examines the effects of living in a dysfunctional family, and helps us to recognize something of our origins. We developed means to cope with the hazards of such origins, and often continued these behaviors into adult life. Part of healing from addiction is the dealing with past issues, and then being able to leave them behind as we move into the future.

Week 1 – Discovering self-esteem
Week 2 – Recognizing compulsive behavior
Week 3 – Release from shame
Week 4 – Overcoming the fear of joy
Week 5 – Help for people who grew uptoo soon
Week 6 – Perfectionism and procrastination
Week 7 – Healing painful memories
Week 8 – The advantages of a turbulent past
Week 9 – It’s OK to be yourself
Week 10 – Forgiving the people who have hurt you
Week 11 – Coming to termswith the blessing
Week 12 – Reflection and direction

The workbook is "Making Peace with Your Past - Help for Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families" by Tim Sledge. Workbooks may be purchased from Lifeway Christian Stores