Saturday, January 25, 2014

P1-CCD7 - Ready For Change

Conquering Chemical Dependency
Step 7 – Ready For Change

“We humbly ask God to renew our minds so that our sinful patterns can be transformed into patterns of righteousness.”

Memory verse: Romans 12:2: “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.”

Lesson 1: The Grace Step

Q1. Why is it important that God give us the will (desire) as well as the work (ability) to follow Him? Pg. 128

Q2. Describe how sin has affected our thinking. Pg 128

Q3. What is the root from which our habits originate? 1. our thoughts, 2. our actions, 3. our beliefs, 4. our emotions. Pg. 129

Q4. Following the false beliefs listed below, write the corresponding truths. Pg. 130-131

False – I must meet certain standards to feel good about myself
Truth – 

False – I must have the approval of certain others in order to feel good about myself
Truth – 

False – Those who fail, including me, are unworthy of love and deserve to be punished
Truth – 

False – I am what I am, I cannot change, I am hopeless
Truth – 

Lesson 2: The Performance Trap

Q5. What was your score in the fear of failure test? What did this score mean? Pg. 132-133

Q6. Which of the patterns listed, may be seen in your emotions or actions? Pg. 133-134

Q7. What would you have to be or do to feel like you are a success? Pg. 134

Q8. What does it mean to be justified? Pg. 135

Lesson 3: The Approval Addict

Q9. What was your score in the fear of rejection test? What did this score mean? Pg.137

Q10. List three people whose disrespect or disapproval have had negative effects on you. Pg.138

Q11. Which of the results of fear or rejection listed, can be identified in your life? Pg.139

Lesson 4: The Blame Game

Q12. What was your score in the fear of punishment/punishing others test? What did this score mean? Pg.141

Q13. Do you believe that you really deserve to feel good about yourself? Explain why, or why not. Pg.143

Q14. What are the three most negative terms you use to describe yourself? Pg.143

Q15. What are the four concepts that describe propitiation? Pg.144

Q16. Do you have difficulty forgiving some sins in others? List them. Pg. 145

Lesson 5: Shame

Q17. What was your score in the shame test? What did this score mean? Pg.146

Q18. What are the two extremes in which we act out low self-worth? Pg. 148

Q19. Describe regeneration. P.149

Lesson 6: Taking the Step

Q20. How do we start to dig new channels in our life? Have you started this process? How?

Q21. What is your natural response to the following truths? Pg.152

I am deeply loved by God – 
I am completely forgiven and fully pleasing to God – 
I am totally accepted by God – 
I am complete in Christ – 

Q22. In what ways have you bargained (if I do this, they will change)? Pg. 154


Q23. What are the major lessons you have learned as you progressed through this step? (half page)