Phase 3 - Maturity

The Measure of Maturity

This class examines principles of leadership, and applies them to our personal lives. This establishes boundaries for our life and shows us what is and what is not appropriate for the individual who wishes to live a mature and responsible life.

Week 1 – Becoming a faithful person
Week 2 – Building a good reputation
               Maintaining moral purity
Week 3 – Living a balanced life
               Demonstrating wisdom
Week 4 – Making God’s truth attractive
               Sharing our resources
Week 5 – Communicating sensitively
Week 6 – Being moderate in all things
               Overcoming self-centeredness
Week 7 – Handling anger appropriately
               Avoiding destructive behavior
Week 8 – Treating others fairly
Week 9 – Being a peacemaker
               Learning generosity
Week 10 – Parenting God’s way
                 Loving God wholeheartedly
Week 11 – Being just and upright
                 Living a holy life
Week 12 – Becoming a disciplined person

The workbook is "The Measure of a Man" by Gene A. Getz. Workbooks may be purchased

Moving Forward

This class is part of the last phase in this program. The aim of this class is to confront some of the more difficult issues raised in this course, and help us to move towards their application in our behavior. Healing is something that comes not just for us as individuals, but ultimately finds its expression in sharing the lessons we have learned, with other people.

Week 1 – Forgiveness
Week 2 – Conflict resolution
Week 3 – Restoring relationships
Week 4 – Creation of strongholds
Week 5 – Pulling down the walls
Week 6 – Setting boundaries
Week 7 – Friendship
Week 8 – Relationship with God
Week 9 – Relapse prevention
Week 10 – Accountability
Week 11 – Church involvement
Week 12 – Helping others

The w
orkbook is "Moving Forward - A 12-Step Guide" by Gerry van der Wende